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The First Presidential Debate Ahead Of The 2024 U.S. Election Sparks Concern And Memes Across The Internet

The 2024 CNN Presidential Debate refers to the first debate that took place during the 2024 U.S. Presidential Election between the preliminary Republican and Democratic Presidential candidates, Donald Trump and Joe Biden, which was aired on CNN in late June 2024. Following the event, many Republican and Democrat voters questioned President Joe Biden's mental aptitude in the aftermath of the debate as concerns over his age spread widely online, as well as in reporting by the media. Memes (such as I Really Don't Know What He Said at the End of That Sentence), discourse and other reactions also emerged en masse shortly after, with many Americans expressing their apathy for the upcoming election and their annoyance at the candidate options for president.

Happy Anniversary To The Shredded Cheese Fajita Wife, One Of The Pandemic's Silliest Memes

Shredded Cheese Fajita Sad Wife, also known as My Wife, Date Night After 3+ Months, is a copypasta image macro meme based on a tweet of a forlorn-looking woman and caption describing an experience waiting for shredded cheese at a Mexican food restaurant in Texas. Many online replaced the photograph, adding the caption to various images of women looking upset. The original tweet reads: @MiCocina_TexMex My wife, date night after 3+ months locked up on quarantine. Waiting for shredded cheese as it's the only way she can eat fajitas. We've asked 4 people, going on 18 minutes now. Just unreal at Allen, TX location. We gotta quit blaming #COVID19 for crappy service.

Yabushige's Live Reaction To Being Told To Commit Seppuku By Sunset Tomorrow Becomes A Reaction Image

Please Commit Seppuku by Sunset Tomorrow is a reaction image featuring the character Kashigi Yabushige (portrayed by actor Tadanobu Asano) from the Shogun historical drama series. Starting in June 2024, the image has been used to express a strong dislike towards someone.

'Sylux' Appearance In 'Metroid Prime 4: Beyond' Trailer Is Cause For Celebration For The Mysterious Villain's Dedicated Fandom

Sylux is a Bounty Hunter and recurring character in the Metroid Prime franchise. It is clad in deep blue armor with neon green lighting and is considered to be one of Samus's rivals, akin to that of Dark Samus. Sylux is considered to be the most popular bounty hunter in Metroid Prime Hunters and has plenty of fan art and speculation about the real identity and motives of said character.

The First 'This You?' Twitter Smackdown Was Posted On This Date Back In 2019

This You? or Ain't This You? is a catchphrase used on Twitter to call out the hypocrisy of a certain tweet with a screenshot of a past tweet. The trend began in June 2019 but became more popular in May 2020 during the coronavirus pandemic and the George Floyd protests. Popular instances were typically targeted at brands, politicians and celebrities.

This AI Generator Will Make An Entire Wojak Meme For You, Complete With Snarky Quips And A Personalised Wojak

Glif AI Wojaks refers to a series of memes depicting Wojaks made using, an AI art sandbox app. In late June 2024, a Glif developer named Fabian Stelzer created a tool that creates AI-generated Wojaks that consist of line art portraits surrounded by anecdotes and jokes about the character or person featured, typically stereotypical things they'd say, similar to starter packs. Glif AI Wojaks spread on X / Twitter in late June 2024.

The Way You Draw Humans Sideways Says A Lot About You, According To This Meme

What Does Drawing Humans Sideways Say About You? or You Are Serious, You Are Horny refers to a graphic depicting two different styles of drawing noses on human characters from a side-profile view and what they say about the character, the first style purportedly suggesting "you are serious" and the second suggesting "you are horny." The post was made by X / Twitter user @legendfroggy in late June 2024 and became the subject of redraws and referential memes and pieces of artwork over the following days.

Girl Begs To Go To 'Ellie And Mason House,' Becomes An Iconic Meme

Ellie and Mason House refers to a series of memes based on a viral text message exchange in which a young girl, Mercedes Dorman, sends her mother Katy a photo of herself crying along with the message, "Please can I go to Ellie and Mason house." A screenshot of the text messages was posted by Katy Dorman to X / Twitter in July 2021 and went viral that year through reposts and media coverage. Throughout the 2020s, the text became the subject of memes, including photoshops and memes referencing the texts.

Be Careful What You Do Because The 'Aura Points' Scoreboard Is Always Tracking You

Aura Points refers to a point system based on the fluctuation of a person's aura. Certain actions, behaviors and traits increase a person's aura while others decrease it. Many of the memes and discourse followed the phrasal template How Many Aura Points Did I Lose When X. Aura Points surfaced out of the Most Amount of Aura I’ve Used on a Level 1 meme that treated a person's aura like a video game score. The concept of Aura Points trended on TikTok and Twitter / X (among other social media platforms) in 2024, building on the virality of the slang term "aura," synonymous with a person's mystique.

'Can We Get Kai Cenat Egg To 2 Million Likes In Five Minutes? Do Your Thing Internet #Vibe'

Kai Cenat Egg refers to an ironic meme trend referencing Twitch streamer Kai Cenat that gained traction on X / Twitter in June 2024. The meme is a play on the World Record Egg meme of 2019. The Kai Cenat Egg meme is typically attributed to X user @NintendoGCN, who posted the earliest known instance of the phrase online.

New Steam Shooter 'Strinova' Mix Valorant With Anime Girls And A Funny Twist Feature

Strinova, also known as Calabiyau in China, is an anime-style third-person tactical competitive shooter in which the players can switch freely between three-dimensional and two-dimensional forms. The game was initially released under the name Calabiyau in August 2023 in China for mobile and PC. A beta version of the game was released worldwide in June 2024, which sparked comparisons with Valorant and Overwatch games.

'Jesse, We Need To Cook' May Not Be An Exact Phrase Uttered By Walter White, But It's Iconic Anyways

Jesse We Need To Cook is a catchphrase inspired by the television show Breaking Bad. The quote is typically attributed to Walter White (Bryan Cranston), the protagonist and anti-villain of the show, who's speaking to Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul). Memes using the catchphrase, "Jesse, we have to cook" can be traced as far back as 2011, however, the phrase "Jesse, we need to cook" was popularized further as the decade progressed. While Walter says "we have to cook" multiple times over the course of the show, the line "Jesse, we need to cook," was largely perpetuated by fans.

This Amazing Conversation Has Some Of The Best Camerawork Featured In Any Reaction GIF

The Pink Palm Springs Shirt Conversation GIF, also known as the Palm Springs Diva, refers to a viral reaction GIF of a blonde gay man in a pink Palm Springs shirt holding an engaging conversation with two people. His seen pointing and gesturing back and forth with the two people, also wearing a gold watch and red lipstick. The GIF trended on Twitter / X in June 2024, specifically within Stan Twitter circles. People used it to exemplify a great conversation. The original video was posted to TikTok by Italian TikToker Francesco Nozzolino (@francesco.nozzolino).

Recaptioning This Image Again And Again Like It's A Movie Poster Is The Correct Way To Handle This Meme

Killing Myself Postponed refers to a series of reaction images based on an Instagram story showing a 00:00 countdown timer to "Killing myself". Versions of the image edited with captions such as "Postponed", "Back on", and "Rescheduled" saw extensive use online as reactions since June 2023.

The New 'Marvel vs. Capcom' Collection Has Everyone Shipping Spider-Man And Morrigan

Morrigan x Spider-Man is a ship pairing between the Marvel superhero Spider-Man and the Darkstalkers character Morrigan Aensland, both of whom appear in the Marvel vs. Capcom series of fighting games. The pair have been shipped online since as early as 2016 and became the viral subjects of fan art and memes in June 2024 following the announcement of the Marvel vs. Capcom Fighting Collection, which features artwork of Morrigan looking closely into Spider-Man's eyes.

Toys 'R' Us Debuted An AI-Generated Commercial And The Web Is Not Thrilled

The Toys "R" Us AI Commercial refers to an AI-generated short film made by the toy store company Toys "R" Us with the AI video system Sora from OpenAI. The film shows a boy falling asleep in a retro bike shop where a world of toys appears in his dream. It was supposed to represent the origin of the Toys "R" Us brand. The video went viral on Twitter / X in June 2024. Discourse ensued thereafter concerning the commercial's aesthetics, morals and ramifications.


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Hawk Tuah Girl Rumors Debunked

A few rumors have been flying around about Hailey Welch, aka Hakw Tuah girl since her street interview clip went massively viral, but are they true? Watch the full video here: Subscribe to our PRINT magazine for more in-depth analysis: Subscribe to our channel to learn more about trending memes, hear interviews from meme personalities and more!

Hawk Tuah Girl Update: Virality Leads To Merch Sales, Rumors, and Remixes

@Aztrosist tells you of all the updates about beloved Hawk Tuah girl and debunks the rumors that have been spreading about her. Like was she really fired from an elementary school job? Did she really get signed by a Hollywood Talent Agency? For more information visit: Subscribe to our PRINT magazine for more in-depth analysis: Subscribe to our channel to learn more about trending memes, hear interviews from meme personalities and more!

Viral Homunculus Videos Explained

Russian Homunculus Videos or How to Make a Homunculus is a series of viral videos by Russian YouTuber Как Сделать… (How to Make…) in which he shows viewers how to make homunculi, which are said to be small, fully formed human beings created using alchemy and first popularized in sixteenth-century folklore. Watch the full video here: Subscribe to our PRINT magazine for more in-depth analysis: Subscribe to our channel to learn more about trending memes, hear interviews from meme personalities and more!

What is A Homunculus? Smiling Friends Reference To Russian Experiment Videos Explained

@Aztrosist explains what a Homunculus and goes into detail about the weird viral Russian Homunculus video series that inspired a similar creature on Smiling Friends. For more information visit: Subscribe to our PRINT magazine for more in-depth analysis: Subscribe to our channel to learn more about trending memes, hear interviews from meme personalities and more!

Justin Timberlake Mugshot Memes

This is going to ruin the tour.

Bald Timothee Chalamet

This bald template started a major meme. Like, maybe they should have cast Chalamet in the new live-action Avatar series.

Nara Smith Can Make Anything From Scratch

If she can actually figure out how to make a mango Juul pod she'll just be printing money.

'I Knocked Up Travis' Is a Certified Banger

"I seeded a football pro" is quite the line.

The "We're Costco Guys" Now Have a Whole Multiverse

That's another 5 on the boom meter.

Are Japanese Breeding Visas Real?

Many young Westerners, especially Zoomers, dream of moving to Japan, inspired by figures like Pewdiepie. However, a humorous hoax about a "Breeding Visa" has circulated online for years, suggesting Japan offers a visa to help with its declining population. Originating from a 2018 April Fool's article on SoraNews24, the hoax required applicants to provide proof of inducing pregnancy and passing a "Naruto exam." Despite being obviously false, the hoax resurfaces annually, fooling many and spreading across social media platforms like Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, and iFunny. Even in 2023 and 2024, the joke continues to gain traction with new viral posts. Subscribe to our PRINT magazine for more in-depth analysis: Subscribe to our channel to learn more about trending memes, hear interviews from meme personalities and more!


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The Power Of Memes: Measuring The Impact Of Humor In Viral Content

Many people know that memes can be a powerful tool online, but how can we measure that power? In our latest Insights report, we delve into numerous tests and studies to determine just how influential memes are compared to other types of content.

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The Power Of Memes In Different Fandoms: How Fans Contribute To The Expansion Of Narrative Universes And Influence Media Consumption

In this Insights piece, we take a look at the biggest fandoms across the internet and explain how the memes, trends and other viral phenomena they create impact the world of entertainment.

The Barbenheimer Phenomenon: How Memes And Viral Marketing Impacted The Success Of The 'Barbie' And 'Oppenheimer' Movies

_Barbie_ and _Oppenheimer_ are smash hits at the box office and they have the Barbenheimer meme to thank for some of that. Here's how memes and social media trends surrounding the two films affected their success.

Cocaine Bear: How Meme Marketing Conquered Hollywood

Memes and movies — the best combo since hard drugs and apex predators. Here's a breakdown of the secret sauce and internet history behind _Cocaine Bear's_ viral success.

TikTok By The Numbers: How Trend Engagement Shapes Internet Culture

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Where Do Memes Come From? The Top Platforms From 2010-2022

From the rise of TikTok to the Boomerification of Facebook, our data tells many important stories. We take a look back at the history of meme origins from the last decade-plus to infer how the internet and its culture have evolved.

KYM Insights: The Ukraine-Russia Conflict Meme Report

Reflecting on the last two months since the start of the conflict, this report presents the major memes, trends and viral discussions of the war in Ukraine and its tremendous effect on the internet.

KYM Insights Releases '2021 End Of Year Report' With Everything You Need To Know About 2021's Biggest Memes And Internet Trends

Pulling data from Know Your Meme's vast database and team of internet culture experts, KYM Insights has dropped its 2021 wrap-up on all of last year's biggest viral moments and trends you should know about.


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