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'Peepy' Is A Bizarre, Surreal Rabbit Hole That Leads To A Creepy, Maybe Criminal Plush

Peepy is a series of plush toys from plush maker itemLabel. The plush and its advertisement songs became a popular source of fan videos and animations on YouTube beginning in 2021. The advertisements for the product are surreal and bizarre, drawing fascination from other YouTubers throughout its time online.

Nara Smith Takes DIY Cooking To The Extreme In This Oddly Nicotine-Focused Meme Trend

Nara Smith Making Things From Scratch, also known as Me Making X From Scratch, refers to an exploitable image macro meme featuring Nara Smith a trad-adjacent TikToker known for making meals from scratch. The meme shows Nara Smith wearing a red dress as she sprinkles something in a steel pot. Variations of the meme include "Making Zyns from scratch" and making "menthol cigarettes from scratch," with users recaptioning or editing the text to change what's being made.

TikToker Dubbed The 'Blue Sweatpants Girl' Is A Better Dancer Than The Original

The Blue Sweatpants Girl refers to a viral video on TikTok posted by TikToker laura sophia (@laurasophiasotopr) in which she's doing the Tyla Dance to the song "Pop Like This Pt. 2 (Slowed)" in June 2024. The video gained millions of plays in less than a week and the TikToker was dubbed the "Blue Sweatpants Girl" because she was seen in the viral clip wearing pale-blue sweatpants (as well as a pink crop top). Viewers thought that the Blue Sweatpants Girl performed the dance extremely well, resulting in discourse, reactions and other viral meme content about her, comparing her to Tyla herself.

Duolingo Embraced Its 'Evil' Meme And Released 'Spanish Or Vanish' Commercial Last April Fools Day

Spanish or Vanish is a catchphrase associated with the language-learning app Duolingo and the Evil Duolingo Owl meme after a Duolingo parody account tweeted the phrase in 2019. The company later embraced the catchphrase, as it produced a short musical commercial as an April Fools' Day prank in 2024, which became a minor meme on YouTube.

'It Couldn't Be Going Worse Keith' On Its Way To Becoming One Of The Most Iconic Comment Strings Of All Time

It Couldn't Be Going Worse, Keith, or I Hate the Water Temple, Too Confusing, is a series of memes based on a screenshot of a YouTube comment thread in which one user, TheMrdangles16, writes, "I hate math… too confusing," followed by user Keith Halsell responding nine years later, "I hope you are doing great in life now," and MrDangles16 answering, "It couldn't be going worse, Keith." The meme was originally posted to Reddit in September 2020 and became the subject of memes over the following years as an exploitable, with one of the most notable variants altering the first comment to read, "I hate the water temple… too confusing."

Taylor Swift Boasts Of 'Knocking Up' Travis Kelce In Viral AI-Generated Song

Taylor Swift "I Got Travis Knocked Up" AI Song refers to an AI-generated song in the voice and style of pop artist Taylor Swift, which is about getting her boyfriend Travis Kelce pregnant. The AI music, which was posted online in late May 2024 before going viral over the following weeks, is frequently accompanied by AI-generated art of Swift and a visibly pregnant Kelce.

Four Years Ago Today, 'Abby Bite Edits' Became One Of The Most Iconic Redraw Templates Of All Time

Abby Bite Edits or Biteposting refers to a series of memes in which characters from various franchises are edited as if their fingers are being bitten off, with the meme format based on a still image of The Last of Us Part II character Abby biting Ellie's fingers. The format originated on 4chan's /v/ board in June 17th, 2020, gaining a major spread on the board.

The 'Tyla Dance' Is The Biggest Dance Trend On TikTok Right Now

The Tyla Dance or "Pop Like This Pt. 2 (Slowed)" Dance is a TikTok dance trend inspired by South African singer-songwriter Tyla. The dance, which is set to a slowed-down version of the song "Pop like this Pt. 2" by CPK Shawn, has participants sway their hips and twerk while smoothly moving sideways along the floor. The dance was popularized throughout June 2024 and is inspired by a video of Tyla performing a similar dance on-stage during a concert. Notably, the trend inspired discourse about TikToker @laurasophiasotopr, known as the Blue Sweatpants Girl, as users began to thirst for her following her viral video performing the dance.

X Users Realize That Sharing This Car Wreckage Photo Automatically Generates Pro-Israel Community Note

The Israel-Hamas Bombed Car Wreckage Community Note Glitch refers to a glitch on Twitter / X in which a Community Note was automatically given to any post featuring a specific aerial photograph of burned and bombed cars taken on the day of the October 7th, 2023, Hamas-Israel Attacks at the Supernova Music Festival. Major news outlets reported that the cars were bombed by Hamas forces. However, the reporting was highly disputed as many believed that IDF helicopters and missiles were the only weapons capable of such destruction. The Community Note (which read, "This was already debunked in November last year by basically every major news source in multiple countries") was perceived by many as pro-Israel because it was supposedly debunking the claim that IDF forces destroyed the cars. The Community Note was originally created for a March 2024 tweet, however, in June 2024, X users discovered that when they shared the photo with an unrelated caption, X automatically added the note, leading to the perception that pro-Israel bots were purportedly spamming helpful ratings and astroturfing the supposed debunking. Tweeting the photo then became an anti-Zionist participatory media trend as a way for pro-Palestine users to criticize X's seemingly broken algorithm and highlight its seemingly pro-Israel agenda, although these claims are unconfirmed.

'That's Scary... I Don't Know...'; This 'Gag Manga Biyori' Panel Is Typical Of The Manga's Inane Style

That's Scary… I Don't Know is a panel from Gag Manga Biyori, a manga known for its nonsensical and non-sequitur joke style. The panel comes from a page titled, "True Power," in which a student can be seen flexing while surrounded by a mysterious aura, asking his teacher, "What is this? I can feel the power overflowing," only for the master to say, "That's scary… I don't know." The meme has become a way for people to joke about people in positions of authority being clueless during crucial moments.

This Beggar Emoji Is How It Feels To Be Asking For Things Sometimes

Beggar Emoji, also known as Homeless Emoji, refers to a stock illustration depicting a yellow emoji character as a beggar asking for money. Starting in August 2023, the emoji has been used in caption memes on X / Twitter, typically used to convey the sentiment of asking others for something trivial.

TikTok's New 'Streaks' Feature Sparks Memes And Jokes On The Platform

TikTok Streaks refers to a TikTok feature that indicates how continuously and regularly two people have messaged each other on the platform by showing an ember emoji beside the conversation. In May 2024, the feature was the subject of image macro memes in which people posted content about their level of TikTok streaks and reminders to share with friends so they don't lose their streaks.

Luma AI's New 'Dream Machine' Has People Giving Their Favourite Memes The 'Good Ending'

Dream Machine Luma AI Extended Memes refers to Luma AI's AI-powered video generation tool that allows users to extend videos and turn images, like memes, into longer clips. The tool went viral on X / Twitter in mid-June 2024 after X user @hey_madni posted a viral thread turning popular memes into videos. Other viral memes created using Luma AI are an extended version of the 9+10=21 meme, which shows a shadowy figure appearing behind the boy.

The 'Hawk Tuah' Girl Revealed Every Man's Weakness, Turning Her Into An Internet Celebrity

The Hawk Tuah Girl, also known as the Spit On That Thing Girl or Spit On That Thang Girl, refers to a woman who was interviewed in a viral TikTok video and was asked, "What's one move in bed that makes a man go crazy every time?" to which she responded in a Southern accent, "Oh, you gotta give him that hawk tuah and spit on that thang," resembling a spitting sound amid oral sex. Instagram user and YouTubers Tim & Dee TV posted the original video filmed in Nashville, Tennessee. TikToker Dustin Laney (@iamdlaney) reposted the video in mid-June 2024, leading to its virality. The blonde girl seen with her friend was dubbed the "Hawk Tuah Girl" (sometimes written "hock tuh"), leading to memes, fancam edits and humorous romanticization from male internet users who found themselves attracted to her. A green-screen CapCut template also surfaced as an exploitable meme with the Hawk Tuah Girl used by meme creators who added her overtop backgrounds, inserting her into different scenarios. The identity and name of the Hawk Tuah Girl is currently unknown.

Musk's Bizarre On-Stage Antics At A Tesla Shareholders' Meeting Has People Editing Him Into Torture Devices

Elon Musk's Awkward Jump Torture Edits refers to memes and jokes about a viral video in which tech entrepreneur Elon Musk can be seen walking onto the stage, jumping with his arms wide open, and then doing a little dance at a Tesla shareholder event held in 2024. The clip was shared on X / Twitter in mid-June 2024, with people mocking Musk's awkward behavior and editing him into torture instruments as a still became an exploitable meme format.

Chainsaw Man Manga Panel 'Makima Is Listening' Has Been A Popular Exploitable Meme Since 2020

Makima Is Listening, also known as Kishise Holding Notepad, refers to an exploitable meme that uses a panel from the Chainsaw Man manga series. The original panel premiered in March 2020 in chapter 61 of the manga, which shows the character Kishibe writing, "Makima Is listening" in a notepad to Quanxi. Online, the image was popularized as a redraw template and recaptioned with catchphrases as it became an exploitable meme format in 2023 and 2024.

Some Vowels And Consonents Were Never Meant To Go Together, But We Love To Imagine A World Where They Did

X Is a Beautiful Name for A Girl refers to a phrasal template meme that was popularized online in the early 2020s. While jokes about "Clamydia" being a beautiful name for a girl have existed since at least the 2010s, memes about other satirical and inappropriate names for babies began making the rounds in subsequent years.

Three Years Ago, The Breakfast Question First Plagued Social Discourse

The Breakfast Question or How Would You Have Felt If You Hadn't Eaten Breakfast? is a bait question and a counterfactual conditional that references a 4chan story of a grad student who allegedly performed IQ research on convicts at San Quentin State Prison. During the research, individuals with low IQ struggled to simulate the hypothetical situation in their minds, instead answering that they did have breakfast. Online, the question has been used in internet arguments as a conspicuous way to indicate that one's opponent is unintelligent, while the posts have often been referenced in memes.

Unprecedented Heat Waves In The U.S. And U.K. Ignite Memes And Comparisons Online

June 2024 Heat Waves refers to a series of long-lasting and expansive heat waves across the United States, United Kingdom and India in June 2024 with multiple days of record-breaking high temperatures. The event, similar to other viral weather occurrences like the 2022 European Heatwave, spawned numerous memes about the weather, global warming and climate change, with a prevalent viral topic about the possible June Heat Dome hitting the Northeast and Midwest region of the U.S., causing the hottest stretch of weather in 30 years.


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Who is the viral "Hawk Tuah" girl?

The Hawk Tuah Girl, also known as the Spit On That Thing Girl or Spit On That Thang Girl, refers to a woman who was interviewed in a viral TikTok video and was asked, "What's one move in bed that makes a man go crazy every time?" to which she responded in a Southern accent, "Oh, you gotta give him that hawk tuah and spit on that thang," Watch the full video here: Subscribe to our PRINT magazine for more in-depth analysis: Subscribe to our channel to learn more about trending memes, hear interviews from meme personalities and more!

TikTok Is Going Crazy for This Viral Street Interview's "Hawk Tuah" Girl

The viral video was a street interview in which the dude asked, "What's one move in bed that makes a man go crazy every time?" The unnamed blonde girl responded with some suggestive spitting onomatopoeia, and since then, the search for her "@" has become something of a manhunt. So, who is the Hawk Tuah Girl? What does "hawk tuah" mean and where was the original video posted? Let's explain. For more information visit: Subscribe to our PRINT magazine for more in-depth analysis: Subscribe to our channel to learn more about trending memes, hear interviews from meme personalities and more!

We Can Go Gyatt for Gyatt Explained

What exactly is going on here? Is this a preview of the new Regular Show series? Scratch that, there’s a whole multiverse of these AI nightmares coming to you live from brain rot hell. What you’re hearing is a remix of “BAND4BAND” by Central Cee using all of your little brother’s favorite slang terms. And now, these videos are probably his little favorite visual stim too, blasting at full volume from his iPad at the restaurant table.

LEGO Pharrell Williams Movie

Pharrell Williams is getting a LEGO movie. It’s a biopic about his life, told through LEGOs. Thoughts?

MrBeast Clone Fidias Elected to EU Parliament

Remember this guy? Everyone was making fun of his knock-off MrBeast thumbnail? It was tone-deaf then and still is now, but what if I told you he’s actually been elected to the European Parliament?

Who Was The First E-Girl?

"e-girl" is internet slang that combines the words "electronic" with "girl." Generally, the label represents people who have a large presence online and tote a specific style influenced by skate culture, goth, KPOP and cosplay, among others. Watch the full video here: Subscribe to our PRINT magazine for more in-depth analysis: Subscribe to our channel to learn more about trending memes, hear interviews from meme personalities and more!

Before E-Girls There Was Her

@Aztrosist discusses who may qualify as the OG E-Girl. Did e-girls start with cam girls like Jennicam all the way back in the 90s? Should we bring back "lifestreaming?" Was the original e-girl Avril Lavigne? For more information visit: Subscribe to our PRINT magazine for more in-depth analysis: Subscribe to our channel to learn more about trending memes, hear interviews from meme personalities and more!

Will It Be A Hot Rodent Man Summer?

Hot Rodent Men or Hot Rodent Boyfriend is a slang term for an attractive male who resembles a rodent with rat or mouse-like features, often defined as an unconventionally attractive, slender man with angular features who embodies the opposite traits associated with toxic masculinity. The term was popularized in May 2024 by the media publication Dazed Digital, inspiring discussions, reactions and memes online. The slang term is similar to precursors like "sickly skinny white men." Watch the full video here: Subscribe to our PRINT magazine for more in-depth analysis: Subscribe to our channel to learn more about trending memes, hear interviews from meme personalities and more!

The Classic Loss Meme Explained

Is this... Loss? If you've been in meme circles for some time, you've likely seen a picture that looks absolutely innocent at first, with no hint of "meme" at all. You might have even thought to yourself, "What's this? Did someone post this by mistake? I don't get it …" only to check the comment section and see multiple people absolutely losing their minds over the picture. If this has happened to you, don't worry, as we're here to explain the simple yet complicated process that is Loss, the iconic Ctrl+Alt+Del (CAD) webcomic and meme — once called the internet's greatest meme. Watch the full video here: Subscribe to our PRINT magazine for more in-depth analysis: Subscribe to our channel to learn more about trending memes, hear interviews from meme personalities and more!

Pokeverse Philippines Disaster

Filipino Pokemon fanatics had a tough week, especially if they attended the Pokeverse convention at a SM Megamall. As a global, internet-pilled society, have we not learned anything from the Glasgow Willy Wonka Experience? An X user who won free tickets to the event roasted it online. The vacant space hosted non-Pokemon-themed objects and a “Ravioli Man” who was somehow sticking up the giant warehouse. It seems that the horrors of Dashcon will repeat for eternity.


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The Power Of Memes: Measuring The Impact Of Humor In Viral Content

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In this Insights piece, we take a look at the biggest fandoms across the internet and explain how the memes, trends and other viral phenomena they create impact the world of entertainment.

The Barbenheimer Phenomenon: How Memes And Viral Marketing Impacted The Success Of The 'Barbie' And 'Oppenheimer' Movies

_Barbie_ and _Oppenheimer_ are smash hits at the box office and they have the Barbenheimer meme to thank for some of that. Here's how memes and social media trends surrounding the two films affected their success.

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KYM Insights: The Ukraine-Russia Conflict Meme Report

Reflecting on the last two months since the start of the conflict, this report presents the major memes, trends and viral discussions of the war in Ukraine and its tremendous effect on the internet.

KYM Insights Releases '2021 End Of Year Report' With Everything You Need To Know About 2021's Biggest Memes And Internet Trends

Pulling data from Know Your Meme's vast database and team of internet culture experts, KYM Insights has dropped its 2021 wrap-up on all of last year's biggest viral moments and trends you should know about.


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