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King Charles Strikingly Red Portrait Immediately Draws Strong Reactions And Memes

King Charles' Portrait refers to the first official portrait of King Charles III since his coronation in May 2023. The portrait, done by artist Jonathan Yeo, features Charles' face while his body blends into a bright red background. The portrait drew strong reactions and jokes on social media, with some claiming it looked demonic, as though Charles was in the fires of hell. After emerging online in mid-May 2024, the artwork inspired numerous memes using it as an exploitable format.

IKEA's DJUNGELSKOG Bear Is The BLÅHAJ Shark's Best Friend

The IKEA DJUNGELSKOG Bear, known officially as DJUNGELSKOG, refers to a large stuffed brown bear sold by Swedish furniture store IKEA. Similar to the BLÅHAJ Shark, the DJUNGELSKOG bear gained popularity and fandom online, following its release in 2018 and its U.S. release in 2023.

The Idea That An Identifiable Silhouette Means 'Good Character Design' Has Been Applied In Memes For Years

A Good Character Design refers to a viral image on Twitter that depicts the silhouettes of animated characters and argues that the characters are recognizable from the silhouette alone and are therefore "good character design. In a later format, this was expanded to four characters, with the first three characters, usually, being Bling Bling Boy, Hatsune Miku and Peter Griffin, with the fourth character being the one that is commonly swapped out to create the meme.

Sink Dog Is Definitely A Thing That Exists

Sink Dog is an art piece of an anthropomorphic dog with a sink in its torso that was created by DeviantArt artist daleport996. The character has received several works of fan art since its creation in November of 2021.

A New Chinese Beaver Video Just Dropped, Showing That The Budget Went Up

The Chinese Gopher Animation, also known as the Chinese Groundhog Animation, refers to a series of viral animations in Chinese posted to Twitter / X in November 2023, which showed a CGI gopher or groundhog character re-animated over scenes from the A Better Tomorrow film series and the TV show Conquer. The videos that were reposted from TikTok gained viral reactions and quote retweets from Western, English-speaking viewers. The animations were originally created by Chinese Bilibili user 乙人教动画 (B teaches animation) in late 2022 and 2023.

Six Years Ago, 'Daniel Radcliffe Holding Two Guns' Became A Meme That's Proven Infinitely More Memorable Than Its Source Film

Daniel Radcliffe Holding Two Guns refers to a series of image macros based on a photograph of actor Daniel Radcliffe wearing a bathrobe and holding two guns taken on the set for the film Guns Akimbo.

Kai Cenat's 'Elden Ring' Stream Goes Viral Over The Streamer Dying Many, Many, Many Times

Kai Cenat Elden Ring Stream refers to a livestream of the 2022 soulslike video game Elden Ring by Twitch streamer Kai Cenat. Clips from the stream and posts about Kai Cenat dying to bosses multiple times before managing to beat them repeatedly went viral on social media, inspiring memes and other fan labor.

Judge Holden Is The Embodiment Of Evil, So Why Is He A 'Literally Me' Character On TikTok?

Judge Holden is a purported historical person who was a character in American fiction works like Cormac McCarthy's novel Blood Meridian. Judge Holden is characterized as tall, large, albino and evil. He's said to be a psychopath who was a scalp-hunter in Mexico and the American Southwest during the mid-19th century. Judge Holden became the subject of memes and edits in the 2020s, predominantly on TikTok. Creators often powerscaled him against other notorious and evil characters.

Artist 'JustAWormArt' Leaves 'X' Amidst Controversy Surrounding Keffals And SomeOrdinaryGamers

JustAWormArt is an artist most known for their artwork depicting online influencers and content creators as sweaty, pale and generally unflattering. Throughout 2023 and 2024, JustAWorm became popularized among content creators, particularly YouTubers, who began commissioning him to draw artwork of various people in his signature style for thumbnails. In May 2024, streamer Keffals accused JustAWorm's artwork depicting her for a SomeOrdinaryGamers video of being transphobic, which JustAWorm denied, leading to controversy and JustAWorm deleting his X / Twitter account.

Screenshot Of Streamer 'CaseOh' Showing Off A Trans Pride Flag Mug Becomes A 'Comfort Character' Redraw Meme

CaseOh Showing Trans Pride Flag Mug is a redraw meme template based on an image of Twitch streamer CaseOh holding a mug to the camera with an image of his own face over a transgender pride flag printed on it. The clip comes from a January 2024 stream that went viral over in subsequent months. In May 2024, an X / Twitter user then uploaded a screenshot of CaseOh holding the mug, asking users to redraw it with their comfort characters, inspiring redraws over the following days.

Mutahar's Video About Keffals Possibly Defrauding Her Fans Out Of $100,000 Is Being Overshadowed By Its Thumbnail

Mutahar Keffals Transphobic Caricature Controversy refers to discussions about a video posted by OrdinaryGamer (aka Mutahar) in mid-May 2024 in which he discusses the likelihood that streamer Keffals defrauded her fans and spent $100,000 worth of money donated for her legal fund on different expenses. Soon after Mutahar's video was posted, many fans criticized the cover art (drawn by @JustAWormArt) he chose to represent Keffals, with some expressing that it depicted her as a sweaty and unflattering caricature of herself. Other onlookers also saw the drawing as transphobic, while some defended it by saying it matches the artist's general style and was unintended.

A Video Of Students Unbraiding Their Teachers Hair Went Viral Online, And Eventually Got Him Fired

Students Unbraiding Teacher's Hair Controversy refers to discussions and jokes about a viral video showing TikToker and teacher @thilluminatin1 getting his hair unbraided by a group of female students in class as he works on his computer. The video was shared by the male teacher, eventually resulting in his firing. These events led to discussions on Black Twitter about whether the teacher's actions were appropriate or not, with some calling the unbraiding a way for him to bond with his students and others criticizing him for extracting unpaid labor from female students during school hours.

Jennette McCurdy's Intense Scream After Popping A Party Popper Goes Viral, Inspiring Concern And Memes

Jennette McCurdy Screams at Party Popper is a viral video of writer and former actress Jennette McCurdy screaming intensely after popping a party popper in celebration of her book, I'm Glad My Mom Died, staying on the New York Times bestseller list for 80 weeks. The video was uploaded in mid-May 2024 and went viral over the following days as people reacted to it and made memes using the scream.

The Riddler Has Joined The Drake-Kendrick Beef And His Name Is EbonyPrince2k24

EbonyPrince2k24 refers to the Twitter / X account of an unknown man who leaked items allegedly owned by rapper Drake. A photo of EbonyPrince2k24's items was notably used as the cover art for Kendrick Lamar's Drake diss track "meet the grahams." EbonyPrince2k24 posted cryptic videos and photos with the items in May 2024 amid the Kendrick Lamar vs. Drake feud, seemingly taken in the Mark Hotel in New York City. Many speculated that EbonyPrince2k24 was a former employee of the Mark Hotel who purportedly knew incriminating evidence against Drake that transpired on January 22nd, 2023. Included in EbonyPrince2k24's accusations was disabled Queens Daily Eagle reporter Christopher Alverez who was shown in security cam footage with a man alleged to be Drake in January 2023. Also, DJ Akademiks was namedropped by EbonyPrince2k24, purportedly linked to the incriminating information. In viral reactions, many called EbonyPrince2k24 The Riddler or compared his hotel lobby photo to David Lynch's Twin Peaks.

Unusual Photo By A Macedonian Artist Gets Unearthed To Become A New Redraw Template

Guy Pinching Himself Between His Fingers refers to a photograph by Macedonian artist Robert Gligorov in which an unusual perspective makes it appear as if the model is holding himself between his thumb and index finger. In 2024, the photograph went viral on X / Twitter and inspired redraws.

This Pixelated Image Of An Anthropromorphic Wolve's Parents Fighting Has Become A Staple For Joking About Broken Homes

Furry Parents Fighting refers to an image macro and reaction meme showing a piece of furry art (often a moldy version) in which a young anthropomorphic wolf can be seen crying as shadows depict his parents fighting. The image was first posted on FurAffinity before it resurfaced as an ironic reaction image on Twitter / X in 2024.

'John Fallout' Character Becomes Viral Meme On Reddit And TikTok

John Fallout or John Fallout Scam refers to a fake DM from a Fallout character named "John Fallout" as part of the Fake Celebrity Scam Messages meme. Following the virality of the fake DM in April 2024, TikTokers started to create more lore about the character that allegedly appears in Fallout 4.


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Madison Beer BeReal Redraw Meme Explained

Fan Screaming at Madison Beer Performance is a redraw meme template based on a BeReal post depicting a Madison Beer fan screaming during one of her concerts, Beer shown on most of the screen while the fan's scream and selfie are shown in a small window in the top left corner. Watch the full video here: Subscribe to our PRINT magazine for more in-depth analysis: Subscribe to our channel to learn more about trending memes, hear interviews from meme personalities and more!

BeReal of Fan Screaming at Madison Beer Sitting On Stage Becomes Viral Redraw Meme

@Aztrosist explains who Madison Beer is, and then highlights all of your creative uses of the newest meme featuring the singer that emerged unexpectedly from BeReal. For more information visit: Subscribe to our PRINT magazine for more in-depth analysis: Subscribe to our channel to learn more about trending memes, hear interviews from meme personalities and more!

Real Men Wear Diapers

Trump supporters are wearing diapers. Seriously. At recent rallies, the new MAGA slogan is “Real Men Wear Diapers,” seen in banners, t-shirts, flags and, yes, on diapers.

Ninja Is Still Dragging the Low Taper Fade Meme

When Ninja is pushing 80, will he still be dragging the low taper fade meme? AI-generated simulations of the future think so. He already thinks it’s the meme of the year, so will he think it’s the meme of the century too?

If You Find Her Attractive, You Have a High IQ

According to this Twitter user, if you find Anne Hathaway attractive, you’re high IQ. If only IQ tests were that easy.

"Challengers" Sparks Memes And Online Reactions

The newest blockbuster starring Zendaya has spurred a number of memes online and internet reactions, including some recognizing its screenwriter from his prior meme fame. For more information visit: Subscribe to our PRINT magazine for more in-depth analysis: Subscribe to our channel to learn more about trending memes, hear interviews from meme personalities and more!

Would you rather be stuck in the woods with a man or a bear?

Why are women saying they'd rather be stuck in the woods with a bear? Watch the full video here: Subscribe to our PRINT magazine for more in-depth analysis: Subscribe to our channel to learn more about trending memes, hear interviews from meme personalities and more!

Drake's Secret Daughter

Chances are you’re confused by the many-layered saga that is the ongoing beef between Drake and Kendrick Lamar. With 7-minute diss tracks flying back and forth and wild accusations being levied, fans are left with more questions than answers. And one of those questions is - Does Drake really have a secret 11-year-old daughter? Kendrick implied this was the case, even speaking directly to the theoretical girl in one of his recent diss tracks aimed at the 6ix god.

Time Traveler Comes Out of Man's Shed

It’s 2024 - we got aliens, we got AI, sure, why shouldn’t we add Time Travelers to the list? Recently, this guy swears to have caught someone time-traveling from… his Airbnb shed.

Belle Delphine Shares Her Biggest L

Remember when we all collectively sighed about how much money she was undoubtedly making from selling her bathwater? Well, apparently we’re all clowns because Paypal straight up told her no.


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KYM Insights: The Ukraine-Russia Conflict Meme Report

Reflecting on the last two months since the start of the conflict, this report presents the major memes, trends and viral discussions of the war in Ukraine and its tremendous effect on the internet.

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